Custom illustrated posters suitable for giclee or screen printing. Unique compositions, hand drawn designs, custom typography. Worldwide design service.



Series of work combining screen printing and stencils. Limited edition prints of 55 all signed and numbered. Hand pulled by Poncho Army.



A stencil artist since 2004, Poncho Army has been a finalist in the Australian Stencil Art Prize in 2009, 2010 and in 2011 as part of the Outpost Project on Cockatoo Island. She also teaches classes in the medium



Vinyl, CD and music package design. Options are endless with anything from stencil art, hand illustrations, mixed media collages to computer based image manipulation and vector creation available



Affordable, custom, CMS website design and development. CSS, PHP, HTML5, JS & Actionscript. Websites packages start at $500! All sites come with a custom user manual so anyone can easy learn how to keep the site up to date once developed




Things I Like: playing my Ludwig drum kit in the ever awesome fuzz band Handlebar. Australian microbrews, whisky, Sailor Jerry and coffee Baileys are all high on my favourite beverage list. Green eyes melt my heart, a new hoodie feels like a hug and watching a rabbit eat may be the cutest thing in the world. I love the country but over time am coming somewhat resilient to the city. I have a fear of flying but am hoping to travel overseas to exhibit some art soon. Artist bio below.

  • Trina Collins, also known by her pseudonym Poncho Army, is an artist who isn’t afraid to get some paint under her fingernails. She has appeared in numerous gallery shows and been a finalist in multiple art prizes including Australian Stencil Art Prize (2009, 2010, 2011), Meroogal Women’s (2011) and BSG Works On Paper (2012). Her 2011 ASAP work was exhibited as part of the Outpost Project on Cockatoo Island, Sydney where over 86,000 people had the opportunity to view her work.
    Poncho Army’s work is held in private collections around the world including New York, Japan, London, Melbourne and Sydney.
    In 2011 Poncho Army opened her own urban art gallery in Wollongong, Sinking Ship Studio, where she curated and exhibited in a number of exhibitions before being evicted due to development plans in 2012. After SSS sunk Poncho Army moved into Gallery: 5 Crown Lane, Wollongong where she was a resident artist for 6 months sharing studio space with fellow artists Bec O’Shea, Josh Wiffen and Simon Grant.
    Poncho Army is now the artist in residence at Wollongong City Gallery for 2012/2013. Here Poncho Army will be working full time on a series of work that incorporates illustrations, screen printing and stencils. The series of work will be on show at the WCG gallery for 3 months from June 2013 and Poncho Army aims to tour this exhibition later in 2013 overseas. As part of this residency Poncho Army will be teaching workshops in stencil art. For more information contact her at

    As well as being a visual artist Poncho Army has built a commercial business in graphic design and multimedia. She holds a BA in Creative Arts from UOW and has been working full time as a graphic designer since 2004. Having a vested interest in all aspects of design Poncho Army can create all the visual elements your business requires including branding, logo, print media, POS, video production, animation, DVD menus and website development and design.

  • • 2012 – November
    Australian Stencil Art Prize 2012
    Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Sydney

    • 2012 – November
    WCG Art Markets
    City Gallery, Wollongong

    • 2012 – July
    For Love or Munny – Vinyl toy exhibition
    Terrarium Gallery, Wollongong

    • 2012 – March
    Works On Paper
    Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne

    • 2011/2012 – November/February
    Local: Current
    Wollongong City Gallery, Wollongong

     • 2011 – November/December
    Australian Stencil Art Prize / Outpost Project
    Outpost Project, Cockatoo Island, Sydney

     • 2011 – November/December
    Swappy Seconds / Viva La Gong
    Sinking Ship Studio, Wollongong (Nov)
    YoursandOwls, Wollongong (Dec)

    • 2011 – November
    Sinking Ship Studio Sets Sail
    Sinking Ship Studio, Wollongong

    • 2011 – August/September
    Meroogal Women’s Art Prize
    Shoalhaven Arts Centre, Nowra

    • 2011 – July
    Project Members Exhibition
    Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong

    • 2011 – March/April
    Touch That Space
    – Poncho Army & Jodie Mathews
    Gallery: 5 Crown Lane, Wollongong

    • 2010 – November
    Australian Stencil Art Prize 2010
    Oh Really Gallery, Newtown

    • 2010 – September
    Nude Auction / Exhibition
    Blutac Gallery, UOW, Wollongong

    • 2010 – July
    Project Members Exhibition
    Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong

    • 2010 – April/May
    5 Artists create 5 Posters for 5 Bands
    Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong
    & Waves Nightclub, Towradgi

    • 2009 – April
    Fashion, Lifestyle, Arts & Culture
    Blue Hotel, Woolloomooloo

    • 2009 – March
    Australian Stencil Art Prize 2009
    Oh Really Gallery, Newtown

    • 2008 – July
    Rest In Pieces
    – Poncho Army & Kezia
    Music Farmers – Wollongong

    • 2006 – June
    You Own A Piece Of Art
    Tea’se Me – Wollongong

    • 2005 – August
    Poncho Army, Vexta + more
    Wollongong City Gallery (outdoor panels)

Visit the PONCHO ARMY ARTS website to view more visual arts and buy works in the shop. The portfolio below shows commercial work.

  • cover

    The Watt Riot EP

  • chimp_660


  • helter_195

    Helter Smelter – Web

  • illcos_660

    ILLCOS Website

  • occy_poster

    Occy Doco – Poster

  • all_decks_660


  • babymachine_660

    Babymachine – Website

  • bandcomp_660px

    Band Comp – Magazine, Branding, Signage

  • illawarra_weddings_660

    Mercury Weddings – Website

  • goodluck

    Goodluck – Screen Print

  • colors

    Colors & The Kids

  • lost_500


  • watt_cd_2

    The Watt Riot – Album/DVD

  • watt_official

    Watt Riot – Poster

  • mk_660

    MK Chilby – Website

  • freedom_in_ruins

    Freedom In Ruins

  • shonen_knife

    Shonen Knife – Poster

  • unscene4_horizontal

    UnScene Festival – Poster

  • sixish_660

    SIXISH – Tee Designs

  • leadfinger_gphone

    Leadfinger – Poster

  • run_free_660

    Run Free

  • abel_660

    Abel Cross – Website

  • bulldoze_rusty

    Bulldoze All Bowlos – Poster

  • babymachine_topdog

    Babymachine – Poster

  • pa_bc_195

    Poncho Army – Business Card

  • luddites_loom

    Ye Luddites – Poster

  • tiger_600


  • golden

    Golden – Stencil

  • fight_free

    Fight To Be Free

  • angus_ludo

    Ludo – Poster

  • chainsaw_600


  • landing_ponchoarmy_600px_rgb

    Landing! (aka Put A Bird On It)

  • morrissey_xmas

    Morrissey – Invitation

  • delta_bc_195

    Delta – Business Card

  • nicefolk_wolf

    The Nice Folk – Poster

  • leaving600


  • medic_web_660

    The Medics – Poster

  • claustrophobic


  • james_660

    James Loughnan – Web

  • hisboy

    Whiskey Train

  • handlebar_gigposters

    Handlebar – Melbourne Poster

  • roar_600


  • Blue - Stencil


  • watt_power

    Watt Riot – Poster

  • build-a-better-future_600

    Build A Better Future

  • pink_stampede_600

    Pink Stampede

  • gandg_bc_195

    Grunge & Groove – Branding

  • sss_660

    SSS – Website

  • yardvark_660

    Yardvark – Stencil / Album

  • age_600

    Age Of Innocence

  • thespills

    The Spills – Poster

  • pop_type_195

    Typography Design

  • handlebar

    Handlebar – Poster

I will do my best to keep you up to date here with all the things I get up to like exhibitions, new works, new clients, new projects and of course the occasional rant about my current favourite art supply store, colour or the artists I am currently admiring. If you feel inclined to read the random thoughts in my head, many not art related, follow me on Twitter or Facebook


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    So after sometime trying to combine my client based design and multimedia work with my personal visual art on this site I realised it was getting a bit difficult for people to know what it is I am doing as both styles are pretty different. So this current website is going to be for my design work and commercial projects to help me get freelance work while this BRAND NEW WEBSITE will be for my own personal visual art. Hope you enjoy the new site.


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    I will be teaching a couple of stencil workshops this summer. One for kids 9-14yrs and another for adults. Both workshops will be held at the Wollongong City Gallery, where i am currently the artist in residence.

    Here are the details I have, for more information or to make a booking please contact the gallery on 4228 7500. All materials will be provided. Continue reading


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    Outpost Project 2013 has unfortunately been cancelled! I was over the moon to be asked to be a part of Outpost 2013 after being apart of it in 2011 as an Australian Stencil Art Prize finalist and loving everything about the event from the awesome selection of artists to the secret walls battles, choice food, delish beers, sailor jerry, gorgeous island setting, rustic old charm of the buildings and seeing people of all ages enjoying art. Continue reading


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    I have been meaning to finish off the print run for ‘The House’ series for a while now but with no room for screen printing last year and then moving my studio 4 times during the past 12 months I never got a around to getting it done. As you know I am concentrating on my new 13 piece series ‘Fight or Flight’ while I have the residency at Wollongong City Gallery but i figured I would take a few days out and get some of these printed up in time for Christmas. Continue reading


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    My mate Matt Chilby and his partner Greta are setting up their new textile printing studio ‘The Contemporary Printmakers‘. To coincide with the official launch there will be an exhibition of selected artist’s works printed on tees. I have a sketch titled ‘Run Free’ (pictured), in the exhibition and it will be selling for a mere $30. Continue reading

Address // Wollongong

Telephone nr. // (+61) 0412 481 650